References and customer reviews of the furniture store Sommacal

References and customer reviews


Thank you very much my dear Paola. The furniture is in and looks beautiful. Very much appreciated!

Until the next time…

R.R (GB).


…the book shelf door works great. We have gotten so many compliments on it and we always talk up your factory. I hope you guys always stay in business, your craftsmanship is out of this world. Thank you again.

Eric G. (Colorado – USA).


Dear Paola, Thank you very much for the pain you took in making sure that all 3 pieces of furniture were perfect. The workmanship, quality and packing was all perfect and all matched very well in my home. I just received them this morning and am very happy. I am sure that I will be in touch very soon!

Renu R. – Greenford (U.K.)


Dear Paola, We received and assembled the furniture yesterday, it looked fabulous my family is very pleased with it and for the beautiful chair. The whole process was easy and very clear as well, my mum was glad for that. I would like to thank you for everything it was a quite pleasure and look forward to work again with you in the near future.

Aisha A. M. – Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)


Dear Paola, We had a wonderful barbeque two weeks ago, and everyone LOVED our furniture. We live in an old farmhouse and our furniture looks great. They especially liked the table and the wine cabinet. There is a large room with gothic ceilings and the furniture looks amazing in there. I have passed on your name and website address to them.
I hope to see you in the future. I do miss Italy very much, but the people here have been nice and helpful. And the weather is only 18 degrees today with a small wind, but the sun is out.

PS. You must come and visit us here. We have a big house with lots of bedrooms!
Un bacio speciale,

Beth – USA


Dear Paola, Finally I can send you this e-mail. I apologize !!!!!!! but my internet was out of order!

Thank you so much for the kit for small restoration. Jacques and his friend returned saturday evening around 8 o’ clock. They were very tired. But, guess what, the table is just ONE CENTIMETER to big for our elevator! Last week I’ve asked some workmen to bring our table via the stairs to our appartment at the second floor. THE TABLE IS REALLY WONDERFUL, YOU HAVE TO SEE OUR DINING-ROOM. And the chairs are so beautiful. We are very very happy with the table and the chairs delivered by you. We love it very much. If you would like to receive pictures of our dining-room we will send them to you.
Warmest regards for you and Luca from,

Willem & Margreet (France)


Dear Paola, I’m sorry that I haven’t contacted you before, but my Internet connection disappeared last week because of work in the apartment. The armoire has not yet been assembled, but I have had a look at the top section and it looked really beautiful, just like I hoped it would be! Hopefully it will be put together on Friday and then placed at the entrance in my apartment. It was very well packed and it will probably be in good condition when we take all the parts out. I am so glad that I bought this armoire, I think I will like it very much.

Kirsti G. – Oslo (Norway)


..the furniture arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful, my complements for the marvelous craftsmanship to produce such beautiful work! Many thanks,

Dan W. – Burton (GB)


Dear Alberto, Mr. Asahara K. saw the new chairs today and He was very satisfied. Please forward our appreciation to their good works. Chairs are beautiful!! Many regards to Paola.
Best regards.

Tomoko (Hokkaido – Japan)


Dear Mrs. Paola, Good afternoon!! Thank you for your kindly and thoroughgoing work craft, and careful packing. I have received the chest of drawers yesterday by the grace of you. This chest is superb, exquisite!! It shape and rich carving are truly beautiful. When the chest got through the customs, the staff of customs also said in chorus “What a beautiful furniture this is” “wonderful”. I treasure this chest and I will order more your furniture when I put up a larger house soon. I really appreciate your kindness!! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! See You Soon!!

Hiromi (Japan)


Great to hear from mi amici!!!, I miss you all so much. Here are pictures of my new home and as you can see, I need some more of your furniture especially in the dining room. Everyone love the furniture you made for me. Friends forever. Thanks again and I love you guys very much.

Sharmaine (Usa)


Some of the furniture here evoked were unique pieces which are no longer present in our catalog or are currently under production.

If the item arouses your interest please contact us for further information.