History of furniture company Sommacal S.r.l.

The history of the furniture company F.lli Sommacal from Verona

Die Familie Sommacal

The furniture company F.lli Sommacal s.r.l. from Verona since 1963 is dedicated to the reproduction of furniture in the classic style with precious woods and ever new models. The care in the execution and refinement of each piece has its success in the ever-increasing number of customers.

For some years, the demand for our products has extended to the international market.

This encourages us to respond to new market needs while being aware of our entrepreneurial skills. Our experience and flexibility allow us to offer a variety of classic furniture in every style. We design and manufacture custom made classic furniture at competitive prices!

Over the years, the company has gained more experience in the industry, specializing in bespoke furniture.

This website also sells antique furniture and art furniture online.

From the founder to his daughter Paola, the “Sommacal brothers” always maintain a personal relationship with the customer, paying attention to their needs and wishes.